Change for Life testimonials

Here is just a small selection of testimonials I’ve received over the years

‘Great new, I got the job. Can’t believe how relaxed I felt during the interview, even the presentation, which I’d been dreading. Thank you so much. Wouldn’t hesitate to use you again.’ Ian

‘Amazed at how easy it has been to give up my smoking habit. Feel tons better for it’ Charlie

‘I’d like to say thank you for our session. The feelings that we dealt with were ones that I thought should be banished. Instead they were de-heightened and dealt with. I feel so good and fortunate’ Emma

‘I’ve had the first good night’s sleep in two years. I can’t believe how well the tapping works.’ Pamela

‘Managed to get a job I thought was impossible thanks to the insights I gained through our sessions.’ Diane

‘Thanks for the hypnosis CD. It is very good. I am really ready for the event.’ Mark, sportsman

‘I really enjoyed the weekend and am  so excited about the potential of the EFT work which you opened my eyes to. Already used it on a client today. It worked wonders.’ Helen S.

‘Really enjoyed the course: one of the best I’ve been on. Can’t wait to try it out!’Joy

‘I have been EFT’ing with some fabulous results, cleared my nasty cough into the bargain. After a few rounds all the clogginess cleared quite readily, rather like taking a decongestant remedy.’ Michelle

‘Thanks for the weekend, I got so much out of it. I know that EFT will be an integral part of my life in the future. I’ve already tested it yesterday at a family funeral. Brilliant!’ Wendy

‘I have really, really enjoyed all aspects and will go away excited at the prospect of having a fantastic new skill and tool for my toolbox. I know it will double my Reiki practice. Thanks for the experience. I found Maggie a great instructor and very helpful and knowledgeable.’ Sally

Really great. Maggie’s a really excellent teacher, plenty of patience to explain things in great detail and also patience with our practice, like a coach. I really enjoyed the workshop so much.’ Ros

‘Amazed at how simple and straightforward QT is and without ‘ritual’. Immediate, demonstrable results.’ Lisa

‘I don’t know if you remember me but I came to see you in June because I was really struggling with my nerves whilst on teaching practice. Just a quick line to let you know that I passed the teaching practice and I got a first class honours degree in Primary Education. Thank you for your help with the nerves it really got me through it!’ Wendy

‘Just wanted to let you know my progress since the session we had a few weeks ago.  It feels like the volume on the contradictory voices in my head has been turned down 80%.As the inner volume has been turned down, I can concentrate more on the outer world, which is such a relief for work and social life’. Hilary

‘Simple, easy to learn technique for anyone. Lovely and relaxed,. Lots of time to practice and get used to working with the energy. Fantastic technique for anyone to use’. Nikki on QT workshop

‘Plenty of opportunity to practice techniques. Good demonstrations. Enjoyable 2 days’. Maria on QT workshop

‘Wonderful. Lovely to be able to bring own creativity into it’ Pamela on QT workshop

‘I feel Maggie is an excellent facilitator. Quantum Touch itself I found a very upbeat approach to well being. I would say it will greatly enhance people’s outlook on mind, body, spirit and life as a whole.’ Michelle on QT workshop

‘Just to say thanks very much for the weekend, I enjoyed it very much indeed, and shifted a lot of rubbish stuff.  Have felt very joyful today, and very loving to everyone, It’s amazing how one Saturday and one weekend can make such a big difference to life, but it has!!!’ Ann on EFT workshop

EFT course Level 1 and 2 November 2006

I attended Maggie Pashley’s EFT course in November 2006 with a healthy scepticism. I was sceptical about having only three days training to get to practitioner level and whether this was a suitable period of time in which to train adequately to then present the technique to other people. I was also sceptical about whether it would work! The course was very experiential with lots of interaction between students – a very hand-on approach was taken by Maggie in teaching us the basics. After the three days the scepticism was decidedly lessened after watching and witnessing the transformations and positive results that took place within the group of students attending and within myself.

The technique is very simple to use and can be applied to a number of conditions. A most interesting observation was that this technique of meridian tapping is very gentle with almost no side effects (maybe a little bit of emotional release on the recipient’s part). It is also a very empowering technique that can be taught to clients for self-help and seemed to give back to the client that logical, rational, mental perspective that our emotions so often take away from us.

Maggie’s approach to teaching was excellent and we “got our hands dirty” right from the word go. Maggie also brought a wealth of clinical experience to the group which was invaluable from a novice’s point of view. Maggie is also a very gentle person whose energy is always supportive and positive towards your learning experience which makes her a really good teacher.’ Thanks Maggie! Alex

‘Thank you for a great course. I really enjoyed both levels and got so much from them. My husband even commented when I walked through the door Sunday evening that I had a glow about me! Not your usual state after a weekend course!

I am continuing to use it for myself and have also had success with family and friends. After the initial ‘it may look strange….” comment it’s wonderful to see their reaction and their healing. Thank you the possibilities seem endless.’ Debra

‘I have been using EFT more and more just recently besides my Bowen therapy and I have really enjoyed it. I have had some amazing results with people for a wide range of problems. I owe you a big Thankyou Maggie for teaching me such a brilliant therapy.!   I really amazed, Says me I was very uncertain after and during the EFT workshop, if you remember.?  But i am so pleased to have learnt EFT. What a powerfull tool to have!’ Geoff

‘Well I did it thanks to you, I felt myself starting to panic then thought of the session and your words. Then sailed through with no problems at all. Once again I want to thank you for all you assistance.’ Scuba diver.

‘I just wanted to say thank you for a great course. I have really enjoyed it and feel confident to use it for myself and others after this weekend. ‘ J.W, after EFT Level 2

‘I don’t know if you remember me but I came to see you in March this year just before my first cycle of IVF. I’m pleased to say it worked first time and I’m now 12 weeks pregnant. The session I had with you really helped, so thank you. You also mentioned that you do hypnotherapy for childbirth which I would be really interested in.’ Bekki

‘I have been meaning to email you for a couple of weeks now.  I have not had a cigarette since I saw you on Monday 30th March, so 4 weeks yesterday.

I think the hypnotherapy has definitely made it easier and I do think of the positive reasons for not smoking a lot more than I did when I have tried to stop before.  I even organised a big event, something that would normally have me chain smoking because of the stress, but I felt more confident and undercontrol without the cigs and I have tried to remember that feeling. I would say 8/9 on a scale of 1 -10 that I will not smoke cigarettes ever again’. Ester

‘Dear Maggie, thank you ever so much for your help with my IBS and anxieties through EFT. I feel it has been a great success. Again, many thanks.’ Amy xxx

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