Hypnosis for Social Anxiety

Are you constantly anxious about what other people think of you? Do you avoid social situations because you feel awkward and shy, find yourself blushing or stammering? Then you are most likely suffering from social anxiety and this is something that hypnotherapy and EFT have a good track record of dealing with.

Symptoms of Social Anxiety (Social Phobia)

Feeling overly self-conscious
Fear of being judged
Avoiding social situations
Feeling sick, nervous and even panicky
Shy bladder (nervous of public toilets)
Stammering, stuttering
Fear of being sick

If this sounds like you, then it’s time to stop putting your life on hold. Have a chat about how hypnotherapy could help you by calling me on on 094 900 2998 or 0899799642  or email me at maggiepashley@gmail.com.

Face-to-face sessions are held in Co Sligo, Co Mayo but most of my sessions are distance sessions via skype, zone or phone to anywhere in the world so don’t let distance hold you back.

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