Reiki /Seichem Healing at Sligo Wellness Centre in Sligo Town and Dromore West, Co Sligo

I am trained as a Reiki and Seichem Master and crystal healer and have extensive Quantum Touch training.

A Reiki session is a wonderful way of allowing yourself to come back into alignment, balance your energy centres and experience rest and recuperation. Nothing is required of you, other than to simply rest on a comfortable healing couch as I channel energies to you, either hands-on or in your aura or energy field.

Most people experience Reiki and deeply relaxing but also as an opportunity to ‘come home to themselves’ and feel a great sense of peace and well being.

A healing session allows you the space to relax and connect with a much deeper aspect of yourself, your own blueprint which ‘knows’ what you need to be aware of, and what you may need to change to lead a happier, more balanced life. Healing can take place on many levels. On a physical level, tension can be let go of, mobility can increase, the immune system can become stronger. Emotionally, you can release old limiting patterns of thinking and behaving, heal traumas and become aware of new choices and ways of expressing yourself more fully.

I often use sound in my healing working with my guides to create a sacred space where healing and reconnection can naturally occur.  Weaving together the resonance of the gong, Tibetan bowls, tingsha and toning with energy healing, I create a session unique to you, for you to experience a deeper peace, self-acceptance and love.

I love working with sound as it is so direct and powerful. It allows people to drop into a deeper space within themselves where so much is possible, whether it’s getting reconnected with your creativity and inner knowing, dissolving hurts and woundedness, or simply remembering that underlying everything there is only essentially only love. In these sessions I bring together all the many forms of healing I’ve trained in and bring in a new playfulness and surrender as I allow myself to be used as a channel for healing through sound

€50 per session

I practice at Sligo Wellness Centre in Sligo Town and in Dromore West, Co Sligo. However I am able to offer distance sessions where you simply relax in the comfort of your own home while I use all the same healing energies as if you were present with me.

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