Metamorphic Touch Sessions at Sligo Wellness Centre in Sligo Town and in Dromore West, Co Sligo

This simple technique involves a very gentle, loving touch on the feet, hands and head in a clear unconditional space where you can let go of obstacles to being you and spread your own wings, just like a caterpillar transforms into a butterfly. I touch points on your feet, hands and head which are representative of your time in the womb, right back to conception and beyond.  Stresses while we were in the womb and the way we come into the world at birth affect how we react to situations throughout our life and some of those can limit us.

People often become intrigued by the Metamorphic Touch when they are ready to stop putting up obstacles to the transformational energies of their own life force which is available, guiding and inspiring them to become their authentic self.

I offer:

MT can be given to a newborn baby, to somebody at the end of their life and everybody in between as it is so gentle and completely non-invasive  Wonderful for pregnant women, children, the elderly, those going through big changes in their lives, those feeling stuck in some way where they are and feeling they are bigger than their current life. In short anybody who feels drawn to this approach.I also find it fits in perfectly with any self realisation practice.


Cost: €50 per individual session

‘Since receiving sessions of the Metamorphic Technique, I feel much more able to flow with my life. It seems as if things fall into place a lot more easily. It was wonderful to receive sessions during my pregnancy and it felt like very gentle reassurance that everything would be ok. I managed the birth so well and now look forward to giving mini-sessions to my baby – it’s our special time together. And my partner joins in too. Thank you again.’ JK, Otley

‘ Having Metamorphic sessions during my recent pregnancy was wonderful. Deeply relaxing and helped us connect deeply with each other and our baby. The birth was perfect – at home, with all the love and support I asked for, it all flowed beautifully. We were able to have a Lotus Birth and allow the placenta to fall off naturally. Our baby is so calm and relaxed.’  Nel, Addingham

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