Metamorphic Touch Sessions

Metamorphic Touch sessions are very simple but profound. There is no questioning or probing. You can talk if you wish or you can remain silent if you prefer. Nothing is expected of you and no direction is given. This is the open unconditional space offered during a session.You simply place one foot on my lap while I gently stroke it or use other feather like touches along an area of your foot which represents the time in the womb. Then the other foot, followed by the hands and the head. The whole session takes around an hour.
Practitioners cannot predict or guarantee what will happen after a session because this depends on the uniqueness of each person’s own life force. People often feel energized or relaxed or both, however practitioners have absolutely no expectation of there being any right or wrong way for people to feel after a session.You can have sessions in any circumstance or condition of your life. In some cases responses are immediately noticeable, while in others they are more subtle. They can range from general feelings of having more energy and confidence to improvements in physical, mental or emotional health, releasing of old habits or gradually letting go of past hurts. People often report significant changes in the way they see life and how they feel and think about themselves; in many cases they experience a growing sense of purpose and inner strength.It seems people may feel drawn to the Metamorphic Touch to create more of what they need in their lives, both as individuals and in the world as a whole. Some people have described it like ‘coming home to themselves’. It is entirely up to each person to determine the number and frequency of sessions received.Some people are happy to have just one session, while others have sessions every so often or when they feel the need.The Metamorphic Technique is suitable for everyone in every life situation.
Cost of session: €50
Joint session: €85 (to learn how to do this on a family member, partner or friend)
This session will give you an experience of both giving and receiving MT and simple instructions for you to continue the practice at home.
Sessions are offered in Co Sligo

It was this little known technique that dramatically changed my life for the better and set me on the road to improved wellbeing

Susan Clark

Sunday Times

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