Metamorphic Touch Joint Sessions

Metamorphic Touch is a wonderful thing to share with a friend, partner or family member. It can feel very nurturing and allowing. After all you are not asking the other person to be anything other than themselves in that moment. How often do we get given that gift?

Within the family

We say that the best person to give Metamorphic Touch to a child is the parent themselves. Once you have learnt it you can give it to your child whenever they ask for it…. and you feel like giving it. It is something you can do without any special equipment or having to create the perfect, sacred space. It can be done while you’re chatting, listening to music, watching a film or winding down at the end of the day. It doesn’t have to be done for an hour, it can be done for a much shorter time, especially with a young child who is very active. Offering Metamorphic Touch sessions to your child can provide them with a unique space for them to connect with their inner strengths, creativity and ability to grow into their own person. An unfolding can happen on an emotional level, a physical level or even a spiritual level. The beauty is that we don’t have to know or figure out what is needed. The life force within your child can be the guide.  It doesn’t require any words or expertise. It can be perfect for those times when an older child may want support but not want to discuss or know how to discuss what’s going on in their inner world. If you’re lucky your child may even want to return the favour and give you a session!

And with older family members or people experiencing the last phase of their life, Metamorphic Touch can be a wonderful gift to share as it can be done in any situation with no contra-indications (other than the person not wanting it!).

During pregnancy and preparing for birth

Many women have really enjoyed receiving Metamorphic Touch during their pregnancy and reported easier labours and more contented babies. A Metamorphic Touch session can be a way of involving your partner in the pregnancy and birth process that is easy and also transformative for them. It can provide a wonderful, loving open space with no demands during a period which can sometimes feel pressurised. In Metamorphic Touch we can working on areas of the feet, hands and head that correspond to the time in the womb so receiving sessions during this time is a really perfect timing. Not only are we be being open to remove obstacles to our own life force but also to that of the incoming soul and so we are inviting a smoother entry into the world for the baby.

Share Metamorphic Touch with a friend

Why not learn how to do it with a friend and have regular swap sessions to provide an open space for each other’s growth and personal unfoldment? You can still catch up and chat if you want to and you’ll be opening to so much more.

Joint session: €85 ( to learn how to do this on a family member, partner or friend)
This session will give you an experience of both giving and receiving MT and simple instructions for you to continue the practice at home. Come along with your friend, partner, child if you wish or alternatively learn to practice on me. You’ll go away with some simple instructions for you to refer to.

Sessions take place in Co Sligo.

I really enjoyed receiving Metamorphic sessions during my pregnancy and giving birth was so special. Everybody says what a peaceful, contented baby N is.


And don’t forget your furry friends!

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