Hypnosis for Peak Performance

Hypnosis for peak performance helps you excel in situations where nerves get in the way: driving test, public speaking, sports, competition, interviews etc

hypnotherapy for driving test nerves in Bradford, Ilkley and Huddersfield, West Yorkshire

Driving test and exam nerves

Frightened of that big day? You know you know your stuff but your nerves let you down. That’s probably because you are mentally rehearsing all the things that could go wrong and your body is responding as if it’s actually happening. Hypnotherapy can boost your confidence by turning this around and get you to be relaxed and alert on the day so that you perform at your best. This can normally be dealt with easily with suggestion therapy.

Public speaking

Public speaking is one of the most dreaded things for many people and can plague their working life. Or it could be fear of making a wedding speech that casts a shadow over the pleasure of a wedding day. Don’t let that hold you back any longer. Let hypnotherapy or hypno-analysis help that become a thing of the past. My approach will depend on the extent of the problem and whether there is a generalised anxiety in your life with regard to social situations.

Sports performance

Many top sportspeople use hypnosis and sports psychology to help put them in the ‘zone’ and create a winning mindset. Our imagination has a powerful effect on our physiology and influences how we perform. I have helped all sorts of sportspeople enjoy the game more and enhance their perfomance, whether that’s martial arts, football, diving, tennis, or rock climbing. Let hypnosis raise your game too!

So what are you waiting for? Call me today on 094 900 2998 or 0899799642  (+353 94 9002998 or +353 899799642 from outside Ireland) or email me at maggiepashley@gmail.com.

Face-to-face sessions are held in Co Sligo but most of my sessions are distance sessions via skype, zoom or phone to anywhere in the world.


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