Mind Body healing plugs in to Universal source energy. It involves letting go of what I or my client believe to be the issue and being open to discovering more, to surrendering to deeper questions and deeper answers.

How did I get into Energy Healing? Well, acupuncture for a skin complaint was my first encounter with mind/body healing and it changed the way I viewed health and healing forever.

It didn’t have an immediate effect on my skin, accustomed to being treated with regular doses of antibiotics and creams (this was in the eighties), but what it did do was much more profound. It changed stuck patterns in myself without me having to apply any effort or logic.

From that moment, I could see that we are energy bodies and each part affects the whole: not just on a physical level, but on an emotional and spiritual level at the same time.

I went on to study shiatsu, hypnotherapy, metamorphic technique, Emotional Freedom Technique and Emotion Code and Body Code as well as various forms of hands-on energy healing, and most recently studied with The Institute for Eating Psychology.

While I firmly believe there are times when conventional allopathic medicine is necessary and I have been the grateful recipient of that many times in my life, there are things that simply can’t be addressed by that system and energy healing is often the answer.

This is because an illness cannot be healed by addressing it at the level that it occurs: the nearer to Source the Healer gets, the more total the healing will be.

I will now seek to describe my own personal adventures and the insights I’ve gained into energy healing through working with numerous clients over more than two decades, and I hope this Blog posting will connect you to the healing modality that is best for you.

I think we have overrated the ability to think ourselves out of problems using our intellectual brain. Yet modern science now indicates that we also have two other brains:

A heart brain, with an energy field larger than that of the head brain

An enteric or gut brain

They all three have their own particular and valid form of intelligence. And when we work with the body’s energy directly we access, and need to access, all of these.

What I have come to fully use in my healing systems is the perception that the human being is not just biology but an energy being and working with the subtle energy field, we can begin to understand not only the biological origins of disease, but the energetic and spiritual roots of disease, and treat the disease in a way that encompasses all these levels: an approach that we can usher into our healing approaches a true system of disease prevention, as well.

There is no empty space in the human cell. It is a teeming, electric-magnetic field of possibility or potential. We are creating ourselves all the time. Even our words and our thoughts change our DNA. So, positively using this principle, it is never too late to begin creating the bodies we want, instead of perpetuating the bodies we mistakenly assume we are stuck with, or have been cursed with by, for example: our parental scripts, or our limiting beliefs, or the legacy of our pasts.

Increasingly in my years as an Energy Healer, I have come to tune into and utilize the potential of my clients’ subconscious minds to enable them to heal. At one level the subconscious mind can be likened to the most powerful healing computer in the Universe.

The subconscious mind can be likened to an iceberg. Only the tip of the iceberg do we experience on a day to day basis. But there is vastly more that lies in the depths below the surface, and it is that that regulates all the systems that keep you alive, heart, lungs and body-temperature for example. It is our subconscious also where lies the root of illness, disease and stress – all without any conscious thought from you. But in my career working internationally as a healer I have found that there is so much more that we can use the subconscious mind for, and the healing modalities I describe below utilise in different ways, the secret of how to communicate with it.

As an example, I’m going to describe how the Emotion Code, a system developed by American chiropractor Bradley Nelson works and the insights behind it.

The Emotion Code uses muscle testing, which I’ll describe in a moment, to access the body’s deeper wisdom. Our bodies can be likened to amazing bio-computers that are able to run a huge array of bodily functions simultaneously to keep us alive – and they are also the repository of all our memories, including those that we have apparently forgotten.

The reason I think this is so important is that we can’t use our clever brains to attempt to solve a problem that cannot be solved from that level.

For example we can be affected by situations that happened to us when we were very young and our brains were then operating mostly at theta or delta brainwave level. Trying to think our way through at an adult beta (thinking brain) level isn’t going to work. Using one analogy it is like speaking university level language to a young child and expecting to be understood. Communication is a two way process and we have to build bridges to facilitate that communication.  To do this we have to access the unconscious, and muscle testing can do this. Equally understanding or awareness is generally not enough either. You can have dozens of perception-generating sessions and gain stacks of academic qualifications which in terms of your wholistic wellness, solve nothing. We have to bring about an energetic shift. Emotion Code succeeds in doing this and I offer healing sessions either distance ones using skype or phone, or face-to-face in West Yorkshire.

Let’s go back to my example of using the Emotion Code. I mentioned the use of muscle testing, or kinesiology. Muscle testing applies gentle pressure on an indicator muscle (often an arm or a finger) to illicit a ‘yes’ or ‘no’response to a question. If the question is properly stated and the subject testable, we will get a strong response for a ‘yes’ answer, and a weak response for a ‘no’ answer. This is because our bodies feel stronger when we are responding to something that feels good and beneficial for us, or is perceived as true. Whereas our bodies feel weak is something feels wrong or detrimental in some way.

In an Emotion Code session, we can take a current challenge in somebody’s life and ask if there is an emotional contributor to this – one that we are able to clear. If we obtain a ‘yes’ response we are then able to use a very skillfully drawn up chart of emotions to identify what this is, then establish if we need any more information to be able to clear it, such as age, situation etc.

Sometimes my client knows exactly what that situation is and can be amazed at the accuracy of their body’s response. Sometimes they may not consciously be aware. And sometimes we may even encounter inherited trapped emotions which have been passed down through our family line. If we do need additional information and my client does not consciously remember anything we can easily elicit that information by asking some very general open ended questions. Most importantly it is about only bringing into awareness that which is necessary in order to do the clearing, and not getting involved in our story.

I think inherited trapped emotion can be very powerful to uncover and clear as there are energies that have dogged us all our life, without us having a clue why we might feel that way. Clearing them can make a huge difference and it can stop those energies being passed on to our own children and their children.

Once we have uncovered enough information about a trapped emotion to be given permission by your body to clear it, the clearing is simple and is mainly using the power of intention and rolling a magnet down your back, along the governing vessel meridian and then checking that this is cleared.

What I love about the Emotion Code is that we have to bring enough awareness into the trapped energies in order to clear them, but no more; we don’t have to revisit and re-experience difficult past events. We do not get into stories, the repetition of which get us nowhere.

If this sounds ‘woo woo’ and strange to you, then you are not alone. It did to me at first. But I am a pragmatist and when I got results both in myself and my clients doing this, then I gained more and more confidence and enthusiasm – and today it is one of the methods I use the most, along with the Body Code  which is a more extensive system, also created by Bradley Nelson.

One of the very exciting, life-changing aspects of the Emotion Code is Heart Wall Clearing. Most people by the time they have reached adulthood – and often before – have experienced enough instances of hurt, disappointment or rejection, to in some way to lead them to want to protect themselves from future pain. And they build what we call a Heart Wall.

This starts out with a very positive intention and for some people can literally be what helps them to survive very difficult circumstances. However, over time, it also cuts them off from giving and receiving life, giving or receiving love, and cuts them off from themselves and the source of their creativity. A Heart Wall makes you feel numb, or out of touch, in some way.

Clearing a Heart Wall normally takes around three sessions, or occasionally longer, but can make such a profound difference to people. And, again, I offer sessions either using skype or phone, or face-to-face.

The most common remarks I get is that people ‘feel more alive’, ‘feel more relaxed in themselves’, ‘are able to feel good about themselves for no reason’. Most importantly, it can enable people to allow more love and success into their lives. There are numerous accounts of people finding love after a Heart Wall clearing and indeed this applies to me too!  And if it’s ‘just’ about falling in love with yourself  – well, that’s pretty amazing and important, isn’t it?

To look at Heart Wall Clearing in more detail, common indications that you have a heart wall include the following:

Feelings of distance in relationships
Finding it hard to give or receive love
Sabotaging your success and creativity
Picking the ‘wrong’ partners
Feeling downhearted

And so on…..

So what is a Heart Wall?

As I said, A Heart Wall is created by our subconscious mind as a way of protecting us against future hurts and disappointments, but it ends up restricting us. It restricts our ability to experience live and love. It also cuts us of from ourselves, for the reason that we can judge parts of us as unacceptable or unlovable. The result is, we dim down our light and we become less of who we really are. And that never feels good.

A Heart Wall is made up of trapped emotions, existing as ongoing distortions in our energy field. A Heart Wall is created if we are faced with a situation at some point in our life, which at some level overwhelms us. This happens either because the situation takes us by surprise or because we simply don’t have the resources to deal with it. It is as if it blows a fuse in our energy circuit and that emotion gets lodged inside our body.

For example, if we have a trapped emotion of anger then we are always experiencing that emotion at a background level and, given a situation where we might feel angry, we will feel it more quickly or more intensely or even have a mistaken perception about something. This is because we are always expecting (unconsciously) to have something to be angry about. It is as if we are viewing our present: through the lens of the past!

Heart Wall Emotions are generally around what I generally call ‘more tender’ feelings – feelings of being hurt, rejected, betrayed but they can actually be any of the sixty emotions on the Emotion Code chart. And they can even be inherited trapped emotions, emotions passed on to us from our family line, or pre-conceptual emotions.

So, through muscle-testing, we communicate directly with the body’s memory and then we uncover and release one trapped emotion at a time. In one session we may release up to seven or nine trapped emotions, but sometimes fewer. And this is the really important thing: each trapped emotion we release will enable us to be freer and more present to our life today.

Some responses after Heart Wall clearing:

Well, in my own case, clearing my own Heart Wall opened me up to having a relationship after being single for 13 years!!! I shared this in a talk I was giving on Emotion Code and a woman in the audience raised her hand and said the exact same thing had happened to her.

Many clients have reported ‘feeling free to be themselves’, being more creative and more peaceful.

Many report being far more open to opportunities and to the ability to respond to them.

And if you wonder how the other things I do fit in, well, I would say that all the work I do involves a body/mind approach. Hypnotherapy and Emotional Freedom Technique also connect us to our unconscious. They too allow us to uncover deeper underlying energies at work and each of them draw upon empowering inner resources to heal.

So far I’ve described how I have come to the use of Energy Healing using Emotion Code and Heart Wall Clearing. I’ve shown the principle that is crucial to health, namely: that we are energy bodies, that each part affects the whole. And this is not just on a physical level, but on an emotional and spiritual level – all at the same time.

But, if you’ve been impressed by the Emotion Code, then you’ll be amazed by the Body Code. The Body Code is my preferred way of getting to the root of any emotional or physical issue, as it is so comprehensive. The Emotion Code is actually just one sixth of the puzzle that makes up The Body Code

The Emotion Code only deals with one type of imbalance, namely emotional imbalances; the Body Code deals with six different main types of imbalances:

1. Emotional Imbalances- emotional, post-traumatic, allergy or intolerance, mental, offensive
2. Toxicity Imbalances- heavy metals, free radicals, EM spectrum, chemicals, microbial
3. Circuitry Imbalances- organs, glands, chakras, disconnections, meridians
4. Pathogens Imbalances- parasites, fungal, bacterial, viral, mould
5. Structural Imbalances- bones, nerves, muscles, connective tissue, organs and glands
6. Nutritional Imbalances- Ph imbalance, foods, herbs, nutrients, dehydration, magnetic field

The Body Code allows the practitioner to find imbalances (whether or not there are symptoms) and also clear them energetically.

Body Code Healing is the key to answering each health question you have by instantly tuning into what is in fact the most comprehensive and powerful medical database in the universe: the subconscious mind.

The Body Code Is based on the principle that all structures are made of pure energy, and are therefore capable of being corrected energetically, even at a distance.

The Body Code can quickly pinpoint and correct health imbalances using proven techniques that are genuinely not found elsewhere.

In a Body Code session, the Practitioner uses muscle testing just like the Emotion Code, but Body Code uses complex mind maps which enable us to uncover underlying imbalances which encompass a much broader range than in the Emotion Code. There are imbalances that we can find in the Body Code which would not show up in an Emotion Code session. And, again, I offer sessions either using skype or phone, or face-to-face.

Put simple, the kinesiology system I described above for Emotion Code shows that we can only communicate with the Subconscious Mind with “yes” or “no” questions, but Body Code has actually created a comprehensive set of over one hundred and nineteen mind maps that allow the Healer to easily pinpoint and correct the health imbalance that exists within the client’s body at an energetic level.

In Body Code Healing, muscle testing then makes use of the Mind Maps to give the Practitioner a framework that will allow them to dig deep into the client’s Subconscious Mind and uncover even the most stubborn causes of imbalance. As is realised in holistic medicine: ‘Anything can cause anything.’ Many people who come in  contact with the Body Code System are frankly amazed at what it can uncover. Often, the pain or discomfort they were feeling was caused by something that they would have never thought of, but so often they respond how much sense the Body Code finding makes. Energy imbalances, and the symptoms they produce, can be caused by such a vast range of factors. Just to give a couple of examples: a trapped emotion of resentment could be causing the pain in your shoulder; a deficiency of zinc could be causing clouded memory; exposure to heavy metal toxins could be causing chronic fatigue symptoms. And the genuine strength of Body Code Healing is that it provides the practitioner with the means to successfully tap into the client’s Subconscious Mind and the Subconscious Mind always has the correct answer.

Put simply, the secret behind Body Code healing is this: the human body is an amazing bio-computer that holds all of the answers that we need to help it function at its absolute peak. So the key question is how can we actually access this limitless healing database, how can we assess and contextualise the answers? How can we identify and release the blocks to healing and greatness?

The Body Code healing system allows us to utilize the energy-matter filed of the human body to quickly correct the health imbalances that are causing the client pain or emotional distress, the blocks that are holding the client back from the life the client was actually, really born to live: his or her highest potential?

The data-base of the Body Code allows the Practitioner to by-pass smoke-screens, deceptions and delusions, put up so often by the mind, to by-pass superimposed destructive life-scripts and hurtful past experiences; it enables the Healer to quickly identify and correct health issues with astonishing speed and success.

And the way Body Code achieves this is to combine the techniques of Muscle Testing (kinesiology) with a ground-breaking new diagnosis system that can quickly pinpoint and correct any health imbalance… from the smallest issue to the biggest problems, working with the hidden healing power of the client’s subconscious mind to achieve this.

The power of The Body Code is to move the client to become the most beautiful and complete ‘you’ possible, to discover what is holding the client back and to show, for example, how to break through abundance blocks in his or her life.

Body Code can thus enable the client to find real, lasting happiness, even if they have always felt they were born to be ill, or to fail, or to be poor, or to be lonely, even if they have always felt like something is missing. It enables the client to make the best possible decisions about their health, to move to getting the right answers, to release trapped emotions, and as each of us heals, the effect radiates, and our family generations heal, and our friends and associates heal around us. Using the Body Code system, for example, the Healer can enable the client to get rid of the nagging pain… the pain that stops them from getting out there and living life to its fullest. It can enable them to move to the freedom of limitless health and abundance, and avoid unhealthy dependence on the drug companies, or the medical industrial complex again. They can come to understand their past and its effects. They can uncover and remove inherited emotions that can cause tremendous harm. They can develop the confidence they need to always make the right decision, even if they are chronically hesitant and unsure about which direction to go. The Body Code system can pinpoint the root cause of pain or discomfort that has plagued the client for years, and often quickly correct the imbalance. The system even brings understanding of the‘electrical’ flow in the body, and how it directly relates to our ability to feel happiness and experience joy in life.

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