Hypnotherapy for Anxiety – Co Sligo or via skype

Anxiety can taken many forms from mild anxiety, when faced with a new or challenging situation, to being so debilitating and generalised that it reduces the quality of life. It may limit what you are able to do with your family, limit your social life, create added stress at work, even make you a prisoner in your own home as you fear going out. Fortunately, hypnotherapy can be very effective for all sorts of anxiety.

Some anxieties successfully treated with hypnotherapy:

Emetophobia (fear of being sick)
Fear of spiders
Fear of public speaking
Fear of flying
Fear of driving
Panic attacks
Sexual anxiety

And many more….

Your next step

Contact me for an Initial Consultation to find out the best approach for your particular anxiety. I use a variety of different approaches depending on the complexity of your issue.

I also use a technique called EFT, which involves tapping on acupressure points while focussing on the issue that is causing you stress. While that may sound strange, it has been used to help people with all sorts of anxiety, including helping clear Post Traumatic Stress in war veterans.

Click here to find out more about EFT

To book a session, please call me on 094 900 2998 or 0899799642 or email me at maggiepashley@gmail.com.

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