Access Bars Sessions at Sligo Wellness Centre in Sligo Town and in Dromore West, Co Sligo

An Access Bars session is an invitation to let go of stuck or limiting patterns in your life, without even having to define them consciously. We may have picked these up from our family, friends, the community in which we grew up, society at large, even past lives or from our ancestors. These fixed and often outdated or unhelpful positions can hold us back and limit what we are able to allow into our life.

Gary Douglas discovered 32 points on the head which correspond to different issues such as: money, creativity, the body, sexuality, ageing to name but a few. In a session these points are held gently to allow all the different viewpoints we hold on these issues to be released, like clearing out junk files on a computer.

People’s responses include feeling calmer, clearer, more spacious, more creative or aware of choices,  less stuck, more relaxed physically, being able to let go of physical discomfort or emotional issue. And it feels great!

At the beginning of a session I will ask you if there is a particular issue that is of concern to you (and it is ok if you don’t have one and just want to receive this amazing touch!) and may ask a few questions to help with the release of any stuckness and then you can just lie back and relax.  You’ll be fully clothed and can even snuggle up in a blanket if you like. I may use some of the Access Consciousness verbal processing and the clearing statement if appropriate.

Cost of session: €50 (one hour), €65 (90 minutes)

Sessions available at Sligo Wellness Centre in Sligo Town and in Dromore West, Co Sligo

I always feel so much clearer and focussed after a Bars session. I’ve made so many changes over the last month and I think much of that is down to the Bars.

and three months later…

just wanted to let you know that I visited my GP’s surgery last week and the diabetic nurse was shocked to see that my blood sugars had normalised and I’m being taken off my medication Michael

Bars Classes

Love the Bars…come and learn how to share it with others

What a neuro-scientist says about the Bars..

The Access Bars have been changing peoples lives, bodies and realities for over 25 years. Recently, neuroscientist Dr. Jeffrey L. Fannin had a chance to perform a before and after analysis of what occurs with the brain after a single session. Here are the results that blew him away …

Access Bars in Foxford, Co Mayo

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