Are you ready for Christmas? Some offers from me to sweeten the pressure.

Rushing around for everybody else – why not take some time out for you. I’m offering some shorter and cheaper sessions perfect for this time of year. It’s surprising how different you can feel after half an hour of nourishing attention. Your body will thank you!

Special Christmas mini sessions available throughout December

Come along and treat yourself to half an hour of bliss for only £25. There is a wide range to choose from so check out my website www.changeforlife.net to see what would delight you. So what’s on the menu? A smorgasbord of Access Bars, Reflexology, Reiki, Metamorphic Technique, Gong Bath, Access body processes, simple hypnotic relaxation, or my own unique combination ofbodywork approaches.  So we dive straight in without asking a lot of questions for you to benefit the most from this shorter session. You can of course say what you’d like out of the session – I’m just saying there won’t be a lengthy consultation!  Choose an old favourite of yours or try something you’ve never had before!  What calls out to you? I’ve done a lot of these shorter sessions over the years and it always surprises people at how much more relaxed they can feel in a short time! Call me on 07939118136 or email me to book. These will be at at my home practice in Silsden.

Gift vouchers:

At that price why not give buy one as a gift voucher for a fantastic Christmas present. We can all need encouragement to treat ourselves!

Classes coming up in the New Year: Start the New Year off with an Access Bars Class and experience more freedom and ease in your life

Thursday 7th January 2016 or

Saturday 6th February 2016

Access Bars

Access Bars are 32 points on the head that allow you to unblock stuck energies in all areas of your life. it’s essentially about releasing old beliefs and points of view that keep you separate from who you really are, your creativity and uniqueness.

In a class you will give and receive two Bars session and learn how to touch the 32 points on the head, which help you move beyond limitation to an inner knowing of where your life is guiding you. Release energies around money, creativity, control, body, healing, aging, sexuality, communication, judgements and fixed ideas wherever they originate from and become more open to receive and be nourished. For most people receiving a Bars session feels very nurturing and empowering and it is a joy to give a session too as the person giving also benefits.

And after the class you’ll go away with a manual, a new state of awareness and the ability to give Bars to your friends and family, clients and join in or even initiate a Bars share with other practitioners.

For more information and to book please visit: https://changeforlife.net/access-bars-practitioner-classes/ or call me on 07939118136.

Cost: £190 or £95 for repeaters

Special Christmas Astrology offers

Michael, my partner, is offering 10% and 15% (for more than one person) off his brilliant astrology readings over the Christmas period. He is unique in that he combines Western and Vedic astrology to produce a very insightful guide to your life purpose, current energies and upcoming transits and combines this with healing and embodiment techniques. Check out his Starwheel Astrology Website.

Astrology Courses starting in 2016

And in 2016 Michael is offering two amazing astrology courses with international webinars and written course material so you can join wherever you are in the world and wherever you are with your understanding of astrology. Find out more about his Western Astrology Course or his Vedic Astrology course. And he also allows a crossover between the two systems for those wishing to broaden their approach. Highly recommended – see his testimonials. Currently he has a very lively, interactive and supportive Facebook for his students who never cease to amaze me at how much they are learning about themselves, their families and their path in life. Some of them will make excellent astrologers.

And finally, let me wish you all the very best for Christmas – however and wherever you’re spending it and the what more can 2016 bring that would truly enrich your life?

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