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Helping you dissolve blocks to the real you!

Release anxiety and stress

Overcome a limiting habit

Address a physical issue

Feel more confident

Distance sessions via Skype and Phone

Face-to-face sessions in West Yorkshire

Workshops in EFT and Metamorphic Technique

Personal distance tuition in EFT and Metamorphic Technique available.

Transformational sessions and workshops with Maggie Pashley

A multi-disciplinary approach to health and wellbeing

Free Your Mind!

Trying to think your way out of a problem can be ineffective and frustrating. Sometimes you need to go deeper and contact the subconscious aspect of yourself to make the process much easier. Hypnotherapy, EFT and Emotion Code/Body Code are gentle and surprisingly effective ways of doing this.


Free Your Body!

Physical tension can take many forms – pain, stiffness or just a feeling of uptightness. I offer a range of physical treatments to help you relax and un-wind. I use my own mix of shiatsu, reflexology, Dorn, healing and release techniques.


Free Your Spirit

Looking to find your own guidance from within. Why not try Metamorphic Technique? Metamorphic Technique involves gentle touch on the feet, hands and head from an open unconditional space – the direction comes from you.


Learn it Yourself!

Maggie offers workshops in Reiki/Seichem, Metamorphic Technique and Emotional Freedom Technique. Can’t get to a workshop, no problem. She can teach you the basics of Metamorphic Technique or Emotional Freedom Technique over skype. And if you’ve wanted to meditate it but found it difficult let Maggie be your guide towards developing a simple regular practice that can fit into your day.

And of course I do know that things don’t fit neatly into boxes…which is why it’s good to have choices and a flexible approach!

Drop Me a Line


Please send me an email or call me on 09647675or 0899799642 (add +353 and skip the zero if outside Ireland) to arrange a free phone consultation to find out how I might help you.


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